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Dr. James O'Rourke

I have been a practicing chiropractor since 1989 when I graduated Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO. I returned home to Cinnaminson, NJ where I spent several years with Cherry Hill Chiropractic working both in Cherry Hill and their other satellite offices including South Shore Medical Center in Marmora. When I ended my employment in 1993 I wanted to stay in Cape May County and this is when I had the chance to purchase Ocean View Chiropractic on February 9, 1994. Since then I have moved the office 3 times due to the fact that the office had out grown the space. I have been located in Seaville with my wife Shannon and our 2 children since 2001 and at our present location on 1 Hope Corson Road. I work with athletes of all kinds and for the last several years, the Chiropractic Physician for the Ocean City Nor'Easters soccer club.

My interest in chiropractic started back in 10th grade after injuring my neck with a pinched nerve while wrestling. Nothing seemed to be working for me so when both my coach and athletic trainer said to try chiropractic, I did and I was better very quickly. In 11th grade I had a much more serious injury to my neck wrestling and ended up going by ambulance to the ER. Upon finding out nothing was broken I wanted to go back to see the chiropractor, only this time there were no quick fixes. The doctor explained to me what I did to myself so I could really understand why I needed to be treated for a longer time. I became very interested in how and why the body works and what it really takes to make you and keep you healthy. I attended La Salle College I became my family’s first biology, pre-chiropractic major. From there, I went to St Louis and attended Logan College of Chiropractic. My areas of continuing education in chiropractic are in sports injuries and rehab (feet, knees, hips and shoulders elbows and wrist/ hands), family care, pediatrics, nutrition, digestion and absorption issues and person injury cases. Patients that visit Ocean View include newborns thru seniors, athletes, non-athletes, moms, dads, etc. I have been schooled in many chiropractic techniques including soft tissue, manual and computer assisted ProAdjuster and Neurologic Release Technique.

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